Braze 48"x 48"

Braze 48″x 48″

I’ve been painting and sculpting up an Equine storm of new works, ever since my workshop at the Beatrice Wood Art Center.  All clay horses survived the first kiln firing with amazing results.  More pictures will be added in the next few weeks.

The Equine Sanctuary in Ojai has become a new compassionate interest of mine and I have committed to donate 10% of equine artwork sales to the incredible non-profit.  Also in the works is an “Equine Lovers”, juried art exhibit at the Ojai Center for the Arts, slated for Feb. 2012.  This April, I will show case my new equine artworks in the Beato (Beatrice Wood) showcase at the Ojai Center for the Arts.
And by Feb. 9th; installing 10 bales of Hay the Kindergarten class has donated at Monica Ros School, for the Kindergarten’s 100 days of School Celebration.  Learning to count by 10’s to 100, 10 bales of hay will feed 100 horses.  The bales will be donated to the Equine Sanctuary.

Here’s a new poster design for the equine sanctuary.


So, in short, I’ve been doing a lot of horsing around in Ojai in more ways than one!!!  I love this community….

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