Allison Newsome “Once Fire Ceramic 4 day Workshop” was outstanding, inspiring and an explosion of creativity.  Her “no rules” and spontaneous techniques were perfect to untap the impulsive flow.
Allison Newsome

Working with a nude model outdoors, I loved exaggerating the form.

The workshop sparked a new beginning  series of sculptures and paintings.  I’ll always remember new born foal Ember, her long wobbly legs with big knocky knees and skin clinging to hallowed bones and when she reached around to nibble her butt, her legs were so distorted, I thought for sure she was going to fall over.  And so this pose “Got An Itch” is the bud for my new sculpture series I’m developing at the Beatrice Wood Art Center.

I highly recommend as an once in a lifetime opportunity to take a workshop to experience Beatrice’s sparkling eyes, smile and creative spirit, along with the amazing views, incredible setting, wonderful galleries and the Director Kevin Wallace and his wife Sheryl cusines are savory works of art.  To be served at the Blue Table where Marcel Duchamp and other great ones have enjoyed exquisite joyful dining, opens the table for delicacy and enchanting conversation.

I felt like I was in a magical dream.

To be continued…….

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