Dave Zaboski

Wow, we had so much fun Plein Air painting in the backyard today.  Dave Zaboski was intrigued with my panorama size seascape of Will Roger’s State Beach, so we did a raw canvas trade and he took on the challenge of doing his first largest Plein Air oil painting in an afternoon.  When asked how he was doing “I’m cranking” was his reply, and so he happily was and his gorgeous painting emerged.

When Dave said he was going to paint the Buddha on the wall, I decided to do the same.  I’ve painted several masonite panel studies of the grove of oaks beyond the Buddha and painting the Buddha would be refreshing.  Reverend Karen Wylie from Symphony of Life, gave an excellent sermon today, or better yet, spirit spoke about allowing and having faith in Spirit. And so, I let spirit move through me for painting, allowing the landscape and Buddha to merge through color.  The painting now resides in the Meditation room of attorney, Ken Knabe in Cleveland, Ohio.


And my favorite photos of the afternoon has to be these two…
Buddha with Amazing Grace…

Dave Zaboski is a Divine artist and illustrator.  Keep an eye for his new illustrative children’s book written by Deepak Chopra that will be available this New Year!


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