Renaissance week, Oct 8th, 2009 at Monica Ros School in Ojai…. “Excusee?!” Are youa da Lisa? Youa very beautiful” “No!!”, “Shes ova dere”! “Oh no, dats a photo, I need da real livin Mona Lisa, in da breathin flesh…”

Leonardo da Vinci

“MaMa Mia!! Ver isda Mona Lisa? Hava yua see her?”   “Noa!!”  “Dis isa verry bigga dilema…I musta findher toa paint her portrait…if youa see her, pleasea, sendha toa me. OK? Graze…”

Where is Mona Lisa?

And so, Leonardo searched the play yard asking all the queens, knights, peasants, philosphers, scientists, bakers, hat makers, etc…

Searched the classrooms and begged for assistance to paint the Mona Lisa on the hand ball court wall in an afternoon and if he didn’t find her, he just might have to do a painting of himself…. Oh my goodness, 9 years to paint the Mona Lisa and at Monica Ros, to do it in an afternoon would take a miracle.
Painting Mona Lisa

And a miracle it was… The children poised to be the Mona Lisa and they were fascinated. Everyone worked very fast, like little bees on honey with their little brushes…. Smocks on gowns and armor, there were so many assistants at times, Leonardo had to stay in the wings to oversee. maddy-ruby
He noticed how the children painted with their wrests & taught them how to paint from their legs, using their entire bodies to make energetic strokes!
Bravo!! They were & are magnificent!!!

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