Looking thru Mr. Kalmar's Art

Looking thru Mr. Kalmar’s Art, photo by Lyle Trusty

George Kalmar’s “Lines & Contours” exhibition at AV College Art Gallery, opens February 9th and runs til March 6th.  The opening reception is Weds. evening at 7pm, Feb. 18th.

I fell in love with the Artist’s work when I first saw his orange 8′ tube simply suspended across a wooden wall.  To my surprise it  was a piece of PVC tubing.  Then I saw his beautiful walnut and aluminum wall sculptures and knew we had a great opportunity to share his genuine artistry at the AV College Art Gallery.

Because of the delicate nature of the artworks, I was faced with several challenges.  Appropriate wall color to offset the pure white pieces, loading the truck with Mr. Kalmar’s heavy and protruding mixed media pieces and installing them in the gallery.   All of which was a labor of love and a huge success.

Mr. Kalmar’s artworks are clean, well crafted, sophisticated while being experimental and whimsical with various natural and man made materials.  I chose a diversity of his works that span over a decade of series.  Mr. Kalmar shows his work internationally including the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art and locally at the Brewery & Artcore.  It was a true pleasure to curate and even more so, to bring to the community of the Antelope Valley.

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