October 18th was a day of celebration for the cultural City of Ojai.

\"Oh High Palms\"When I visited Ojai in September, I was inspired when I turned a corner and captured the tallest palms blazing up into the bluest sky with the Mission style building bathing in glorious sunlight. 
Without a camera on hand, I did a small ink drawing to capture the composition. Upon further wandering, I learned the building is the Ojai Valley Museum and they were having a Juried competion of art related to Ojai. 
And so, I whipped out this painting and sent it off to the Museum and I got into the exhibit!  Thanks for attending Ruthie!!

 Sandy Wolk’s impressive sculpture “Held within the Nest” received 2nd place.  sandy-wolk-held-within-the-nest
Artist Marilyn Noad received 1st Place with “Time and the River” mixed media on canvas.

This little Indian added to the festive street performance dance.

This Little Indian


And, 11 year old, Gabrielle sang and played 4 songs on her guitar, including “The answer is blowing in the Wind”,  poignant for our current times…

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  1. I loved your tall palms…the colors, movement, shapes. I liked that they dominated the picture instead of the mission; it gave more a feeling of life!

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