“Passion to Paint” Oil Paintings by Natasha Timares

Oct 1-31st 2008 at the Antelope Valley College Art Gallery

Natasha\'s Family
Natasha with her husband and children
Natasha Timares artist reception at the Antelope Valley College Art Gallery was a huge success. There was an informative and personal dialogue between the artist and the attendees which included AVC students, faculty, family, friends, fellow artists and art enthusiasts. It was wonderful to see her support fly in as far from Alabama.

Fellow artist Anne Trusty introduced me to Natasha and her incredible collection. Selecting the works from Natasha’s large private collection was quite challenging. She paints on a large scale and the college gallery has limited space. I primarily chose figurative and landscape paintings where she let the paint dance with a sparkle of light from her lush rich palette and the subject matter had an inner dialogue with the viewer. I was looking for more than a beautiful painting.

It was amazing, that even after we loaded the truck for her exhibit, I went back into her house and you would never know we removed any paintings. Her walls were still covered with her beautiful rich collection.

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  1. What a treat it was for me to witness the enthusiastic reaction of my Mother’s pantings from the Antelope Valley College of Art patrons, faculty and students. Thank you Valarie for providing this wonderful opportunity to show and share my Mom’s passion for art. It was a delight to see her in these surroundings with such a wonderful group of people. The sincere interest and support was wonderful. A lovely reception. A great venue for nurturing the growth and appreciation of art, and an intimate setting to get to know the artist! How great that is for the students at AVC and for the artists!

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